On-line Course on Change Management in the 2nd Semester for students
28 de julho de 2020


A semester course on-line and in English for undergraduate and graduate students: from August 21st to December 18th, 2020 (Fridays morning - Brazilian time - BRT = GMT – 03:00).

It will run every Friday morning in the regular Brazilian time totalizing 15 classes. The students will engage themselves in both synchronous and asynchronous activities that include pre-class readings and tasks, discussions and project based learning in teams with real companies.

About the Course:

The course is an initiative of the Department of Production Engineering at the São Carlos School of Engineering (EESC), University of São Paulo (USP).

The course aims to develop leadership skills related to the “change management process”. It will introduce discussions about: strategic orientation, organizational alignment, organizational culture, organizational learning, resistance to change and concepts of change management. All these topics will be applied in a project that the students will develop in a team with partners’ organizations.

The proposal is to integrate both graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the same class to combine and to share learning experiences. Due to the new format (online and in English), it is expected the increasing diversity in the classes and, in this way, to enrich the learning experience for all students.

The main goal is to develop leadership skills related to the “change management process” in all participants and to provide concepts and tools to allow them to face their future challenges of changing and transforming organizations.

If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student and are interested in this opportunity, we would like to invite you to take part. In this case, fill out the form available at: https://forms.gle/iEkSZK4uHmH8rt6v6.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

E-mail: gerolamo@sc.usp.br

(+) See the course description


About the EESC-USP:

The São Carlos School of Engineering (EESC) at the University of São Paulo (USP) is located in São Carlos, São Paulo. São Carlos is a city with 250 thousand inhabitants and it is located 150 miles away from São Paulo. In São Carlos, you will find two of the most important Brazilian public universities: the University of São Paulo and the Federal University of São Carlos. The city is a national center of technology and science and there is one doctor for every 135 inhabitants, the highest rate among other cities in the whole Latin America.

The São Carlos Campus at USP is technologically-oriented including, besides the Engineering School, the institutes of Architecture, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computing Sciences. The EESC has about 3,000 undergraduate and more than 1,000 graduate enrolled students. 200 professors and 300 staff members take care of these students in 10 undergraduate courses and 11 graduate programs.

Every year, international rankings have normally classified the University of São Paulo as the first or the second best university in Latin America. But more important than being the best, we want to be good for society. To do this, we focus on three main pillars: research, teaching and outreach activities. Internationalization is also one of our main strategic goals. This course is an example of such a strategy.

For more information: www.eesc.usp.br/en      

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