Webinar: Expanding horizons: Using Al in Roadmapping
17 de abril de 2024

Date & Time: 23 abr. 2024,  07:00 da manhã, in São Paulo

Join our upcoming webinar, where we look at the transformative potential of AI in strategic roadmapping.

In the session, we will cover:
- AI in roadmapping: Discover how AI can help to extract data from text to populate roadmaps.
- Framework introduction: Explore the steps that you need to put in place to use AI to pre-populate roadmaps.
- Application of Chat-GPT: Gain insights from a real-world use case in an AgeTech firm's roadmapping process, including the impressive results achieved in data utilisation.
- Case study: Hear about a use case in hybrid vehicle roadmapping, demonstrating the effectiveness of AI in uncovering new topics and substantiating key issues.

Join us as we navigate the intersection of AI and roadmapping, shaping the future of strategic planning.

Andre Gomes
Visiting PhD Student, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

Diana Khripko

Senior Solutions Development Specialist, IfM Engage, University of Cambridge

Maicon Oliveira

Professor at São Carlos Engineering School (EESC), University of São Paulo (USP)

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