Palestra "Modelling of environmental systems: why and how?"
22 de abril de 2019


eesc modelagem sistemas ambientais


A atividade acontece no âmbito do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Engenharia Ambiental (PPG-SEA) da EESC. O Anfiteatro da Engenharia Ambiental localiza-se na área 2 do campus da USP em São Carlos, situada na Avenida João Dagnone, nº 1100, no Jardim Santa Angelina.


Saiba mais sobre o palestrante e o tema abordado no texto de divulgação, em língua inglesa, a seguir.


Environmental systems tend to be complex, with many variables influencing the system and many parameters defining the system. Getting insight in how these systems work and extract knowledge from them to optimize their operation can get very difficult. Mathematical modelling is a tool that can help in understanding and optimizing such a system. But mathematical models come in different types, shapes and complexities, and can seem very overwhelming.


In this lecture, mathematical models will be introduced, where we use them already in daily life, and what we can learn from them. Different techniques will be shown that can be applied on the model to optimize our understanding of the system, improve decision-making or help defining the optimal experiments for a certain question. This presentation will include some results of the BIOMATH group in Gent (Belgium).


Naessens finished his PhD at Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Department of Data analysis and mathematical modelling (BIOMATH), Ghent University, Belgium. In this University he worked as Assistant Professor for 6 years, so he has a lot of experience in modelling and statistical validation of wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactor, simultaneous nitrification, hydrodynamics and kinetics.



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